Sustainability & Green Solutions

We all have a role to play in building a better future. For Digital MPS, being a sustainable company means being mindful of every aspect of our organisation. It fuels our innovation, drives our growth, motivates our workforce and, ultimately, to contribute to society.

From the first sketch until its entry into a recycling process: All the products we supply are developed with an ecologically sustainable life cycle in mind. This is the key-strategy for our eco-considerate products and it carries our efforts to decrease our environmental impact beyond our gates, into your office.


Reduce Environmental Impacts

The responsible and effective processing of our products after they have ended their service for our customers is important.

All of the products we supply comply with the WEEE directive from 2005. For expendable items, such as cartridges, our suppliers have established a collection system that assures a safe return of empty cartridges to their manufacturer.

The impact that one company can have on the achievement of a sustainable society is limited, but Digital MPS is looking to make an impact and make the world a better place through our products and services that support customers’ sustainability efforts and through collaborative action with local communities and partners.


In independent tests, Epson’s WorkForce Pro models used up to 96% less energy than lasers and laser copiers1. See how much electricity and CO2you can save by clicking on the button below.

A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem

We have tailored plans to match your individual requirements and will not oversell features that are not needed for your organisation.

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  5. Provide information on sustainability solutions

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