Private & Public Cloud Solutions

Cloud printing is an outsourcing strategy for the processing, routing and management of print data traffic. Or, to put it another way, it’s a print server in the sky.

This isn’t an analyst’s forecast or an IT manager’s wish list. This is a robust, enterprise-ready solution, developed and delivered by Digital MPS, with both private and public cloud options available today.

To ensure the very highest levels of service performance, quality and flexibility, Digital MPS works with a number of partners offering Best of Breed technology. These partners include KDDI, TELEHOUSE, PaperCut, Docuware, MyQ and Equitrac.

Lower your
printing costs

Analyze and document
your costs

Digital MPS Managed Cloud Print Service replaces the traditional physical print server with a private print network hosted in a private cloud. Everything between your users hitting print and the document arriving at an appropriate device is handled by Digital MPS.

As far as your users are concerned, print just happens, and happens right, every time and all the time.

  • Private virtual print server hosted off-site (in the cloud)
  • No need for your IT team to support the print network day-to-day
  • Reduce costs and cut the administrative burden
  • Use of the most advanced Data Centres in the world
  • Digital MPS offers public cloud printing options through our HyPAS-enabled MFPs. Developed around real business needs and challenges, our HyPAS apps mean that there is a  software solution for any document environment.

    Whether you want to enable users to print files from Evernote, Google Drive, Google Cloud Print or Dropbox, Digital MPS can make this – and more! – happen seamlessly across your organisation.

    • HyPAS apps fit seamlessly into your workflows
    • Off-the-shelf and custom built apps available
    • Improve efficiency
    • Improve user experience

A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem

We have tailored plans to match your individual requirements and will not oversell features that are not needed for your organisation.

In our FREE, NO OBLIGATION, consultation we will:

  1. Assess your current print requirements
  2. Discuss future requirements
  3. Explain new technologies emerging in the market
  4. Demonstrate any inefficiencies in your systems
  5. Provide information on sustainability solutions

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