Security & Protection

Secure & Protect your documents and data, control the complete process from first click to document collection making sure your sensitive information stays in the right hands.

Keep your confidential documents confidential, protect your data against unauthorised access attempts from external and internal sources and establish a secure environment for all users where sensitive information is protected.

Make your data
More Secure

Make your documents
More Secure

  • Avoid losing valuable information by encrypting it.
  • Prevent unauthorised access to your data.
  • Ensure confidential documents don’t land in the wrong hands or are passed on.
  • Limit access to your devices to the relevant users and departments.
  • Use employee badges or a central directory service to clearly identify your users.

A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem

We have tailored plans to match your individual requirements and will not oversell features that are not needed for your organisation.

In our FREE, NO OBLIGATION, consultation we will:

  1. Assess your current print requirements
  2. Discuss future requirements
  3. Explain new technologies emerging in the market
  4. Demonstrate any inefficiencies in your systems
  5. Provide information on sustainability solutions

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