Communications & Telecoms

 At DMPS we aim to make it easier to manage your costs and reduce operational complexity with a consolidated Calls and Lines package.  Your business needs will be assessed by a single point of contact to ensure the process of arranging your new services with Simple Comms is straight forward and hassle-free. We offer excellent value for money and a hands-on customer service department should you ever require assistance with your Telecoms.

Our Hosted IP Telephone Systems from Inclarity change the game by delivering fully flexible and upgradeable Business Telephone Systems from the cloud.  This enables you to focus on your business, and for us to focus on providing you with a comprehensive solution that connects every employee, every location across both fixed and mobile communications.

Capture and control

Create and issue

Manage and archive

  • Intelligent solutions enable you to automate your workflow and capture documents more efficiently.
  • Benefit in a big way from converting your documents to standard file formats.
  • Make more efficient use of your time when it comes to digitising and storing your documents through process-oriented scanning.
  • Manage your templates flexibly and efficiently for a unified corporate design.
  • Avoid those annoying little mistakes when printing your documents.
  • Use time more efficiently throughout the entire output process thanks to rule-based printing.
  • Give your business quick and user-friendly access to its documents.
  • Make it easy to capture and archive data and documents.
  • Establish efficient interfaces when it comes to capturing, controlling and archiving documents in your DMS.

A Simple Solution To A Complex Problem

We have tailored plans to match your individual requirements and will not oversell features that are not needed for your organisation.

In our FREE, NO OBLIGATION, consultation we will:

  1. Assess your current print requirements
  2. Discuss future requirements
  3. Explain new technologies emerging in the market
  4. Demonstrate any inefficiencies in your systems
  5. Provide information on sustainability solutions

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